Sunday, June 5, 2011


Translation: Tiffany and Katie's Summer of Mayhem. (See above pictures for said T and K, in order of T and K)

It is summer in Minnesota. I like to do fun things, and almost more than doing fun things, I like to drag others along as we (sometimes just I, let's be honest) DO fun things. That said, I demanded, er, offered, to help Florida native Tiffany have an action packed summer in Minnesota. In order to ensure much action is in fact packed, a list has been made. Enjoy.

1. Go camping (to this Tiffany asked, "In a yard?")
2. Kayak
3. Tube (Yes, trashy Apple River, yes.)
4. Visit Taylor's Falls and jump off things into water
5. Visit Cannon Falls. Repeat above.
6. Crash weddings of decidedly wealthy people (think Science Museum, The Saint Paul Hotel and the Walker)
7. Go to as many summer festivals as possible. Think: Thursdays in WBL, Lumberjack Days, Art on the Lake, Pioneer Days, Raspberry Festival, Highland Fest.
8. Antique/estate sale/art fair the shit out of this state. Direct quote.
9. Find Amish, buy things.
10. Day trip to Duluth+Split Rock+ Gooseberry
11. See live music at least 10 times. Roughly 3.3 times a month. Think: Music in Mears, Loring Park Acoustic Music Festival.
12. Karaoke at a townie bar on West Seventh. This needs no explanation.
13. Tour all roof-top bars in the TC. Yes, all.
14. Como Zoo + Rides + Conservatory + Paddle Boats. Yes.
15. Science Museum + Omni Theater
16. Mass at the Cathedral/tour
17. History Museum
18. Walker (First Free Saturdays & Nightshift)
19. MIA
20. Basilica Block Party
21. Oak on the Water at least 2x.
22. Tour the James J. Hill House
23. Kingsfield Famers Market, specially for Foxy Falafel :-)
24. Twins game. Obvi.
25. Mississippi Belle day trip. If you haven't done it, you must. Which is why I'm making, er, taking, Tiff.
26. Winery Tours: Cannon Falls, Chisago, Stillwater.
27. Cinema and Civics/Movies in the Park
28. Pride Weekend
29. Great River Shakespeare Festival.
30. St. Paul Summer Bear Fest
31. Garden Tours
32. Mill City Live
33. Florence and the Machine at the Zoo!
35. Aquatennial
36. Art fairs: Uptown, Edina, Powderhorn, Park Art Fest.
37. Have so many bonfires our hair reeks.
38. Road trip. Somewhere.
39. Girls' weekend at Rita's cabin
40. Do not get skin cancer.

...we'll see. It's a good start at least. ;)


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Kaycee said...

Can I be dragged along too!?!?!