Tuesday, March 2, 2010


henry henry henry

everyday, generally all day, except tuesdays and thursdays when i have class, i am with a little boy named henry.

henry is amazing. and i'm, not just saying that because i love him a lot or because i have a ton of influence on him (though, let's be real...). i say that he is amazing because he is one of the smartest people i know. yes, people, not children.

somedays i expect him to look me in the eyes and, in perfect english, tell me that really he's a 30 year old in a three year old's body. sometimes i think he secretly knows how to read.

all this to say, he's smart. creepily smart sometimes. this little man teaches me more about myself than almost anyone ever has.

i see how lovable i really am. henry doesn't care about smudged mascara, that my leggings are brown and boots black or that i gained 20lbs. he cares that i laugh at his jokes and am willing to blow on his oatmeal. he loves my body because it's perfect for climbing on and comfy enough to sit through multiple books.

i see how simple life really is. there is no bullshit with henry. sometimes things are just black and white and when i say something that he doesn't understand, without hesitation, he simply asks 'why?'. when i'm sick or tired or even crying, he tells me all the reasons why i should feel better or more awake or stop crying. something is either good or bad, fun or boring, good for you or not.

so, on days like today, when i forget that being a nanny really matters and i loose sight of the reality that, in henry (or anyONE, especially children), i am getting a new, fresh, VIBRANT perspective on the character of God, i just need to pause and look at him. and wait. it will come to me.

looking at him now: he is feeding my roommate some of his cheese crackers. he's worried she didn't have any and needed some.

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